Marquis is a platform that helps you to find restaurants nearby and see the menus. The application has a menu generation functionality to create a personalized menu. These menus are generated by filtering out all intolerant allergens user specify in his profile. Thanks to Marquis you can see the restaurants nearby with your personalized menus inside. 


Android, IOS


Dynamic UI, Kotlin, Java, Swift, Obj-C, Rx, ReactJs, Scala, Play framework


Android Studio, Xcode, IntelliJ, Visual studio code, Git


4 month
the first product version
just in 3 weeks


Food & drinks



Business Challenge

Our goal was to develop a platform for creating a highly scalable restaurant menus. The main objective of the project was to make the ability to filter menus with allergen ingredients and user’s lifestyle.

How we helped

After thoroughly going through all the requirements our team came up with a robust development framework that followed a series of steps in completing the entire development process. We came up with the first Android version in just 3 weeks and then developed an app for iOS.

Due to the joint efforts of the software engineers and designers, the developed app made it easy for donors to search and view requests from volunteers or people in need, receive updates and photos of how the donated money was spent. DonorSee app has a user-friendly dashboard showing donation status at any given point of time. After successfully deploying the app, it gained wide popularity and became a perfectly handy tool to make donations or post the request about the ones.

The donors found the app to be very easy to use, as it prevented the need to fill lengthy forms and it made the whole payment process effortless.

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