Mobile Banking for Kids and Parents

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Mobile Banking for Kids and Parents

Mobile banking for kids

Mobile application for custom children's cards and parent control which teaches teens and kids about money


Fintech, banking


SwiftUI, Kotlin, AWS, Mastercard


iOS and Android


MVP development, custom software, project management, testing

Our approach/ what was done

We started by reviewing the startup's mockups and designs and providing feedback and suggestions to improve the user experience and technical feasibility. Once we had the design finalized, we moved on to the development phase. We developed native iOS and Android applications that were optimized for performance, usability, and accessibility.

We proposed using modern web development frameworks and tools to ensure scalability, security, and performance. We also integrated secure payment gateway using Mastercard API and scalable infrastructure on AWS. We worked closely with the startup's team to refine the MVP's concept, design, and user flow.

Throughout the development phase, we maintained regular communication with the startup's team. We provided regular updates on the progress, identified any issues or risks, and asked for their feedback on specific features or functionalities. We were committed to delivering the MVP on time and within budget.

Main implemented features

List of jobs

User-friendly TODO list, which helps parents to turn chores into earning opportunities, to get the jobs done without the hassle.

Kids get paid automatically when jobs are complete. One clear view the whole family understands.

Additionally includes

  • paid and free jobs
  • pocket money with regular automatic payments
  • instant top-ups
Transactions and payments including ApplePay

Application maintain a list of all transactions made through the app or directly using the physical card, including the date, time, and amount of each transaction. Users are able to view their transaction history within the app and search for specific transactions.

Cards could be integrates with ApplePay. This provides a convenient and secure payment option.

Parent control and card management

To allow kids to explore, but still have oversight, keeping their journey safe we implemented the following control and management functions:

  • Multi-child view
  • Full transaction detail
  • Real-time spend notifications for your peace of mind
  • Friend transfers, approved by parent
  • Online or international use settings
  • Instant freeze / unfreeze card
  • Spend limits: daily / weekly / per transaction
Vaults and savings

Unlimited custom moneyboxes.

Simple and easy way, which helps kids to learn about earning, saving, spending.

  • Setting a savings goal. It could be anything from saving for a summer camp to a new gadget
  • Track savings progress and transactions statistic


Successful MVP, which helped engage potential clients and receive investments

"Great work from start to finish, we will definitely re-hire team, and highly recommend them. On time, to spec, and in budget. Everything you need, and they deliver on their promises."

Feedback from the project CEO

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