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Our story

We’re Bogdan and Khrystyna, the founders of KeyToTech. Our journey began as junior software engineers, and through dedication and hard work, we’ve advanced to the positions of CTOs and Solutions Architects.

During our time working in various outsourcing companies, we noticed a recurring problem: the disconnect between businesses and software development teams. We observed that software companies often fail to understand the core needs of stakeholders, leading to frustration and conflicts.

Drawing from our own experiences as successful freelancers on platforms like Upwork, we decided to establish our own company, driven by a vision to revolutionize the custom software development process. At KeyToTech, we embrace an agile methodology that goes beyond mere coding and design. We aim to become an integral part of your business, committed to helping you launch your product and stand out in the competitive market.

Regardless of whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, we understand the importance of not only providing technical expertise but also actively engaging with your business goals. We take pride in our proactive approach, offering the best solutions tailored to your specific product.

We look forward to partnering with you and working closely to bring your ideas to life. Together, let’s create software solutions that truly align with your vision and drive your business forward.

Our Vision

"Empowering Innovation, Unlocking Potential"

We envisions a future where technology is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of life, enhancing human potential and driving innovation forward.

We aim to bridge the gap between current challenges and future success through agile, adaptable, and forward-thinking IT solutions, making a positive, lasting impact in every industry we touch.

Our vision is to be the digital partner that transforms and unlocks the potential of technology to solve complex challenges, foster growth, and improve the quality of life globally to deliver a positive impact.

Our Mission

"Connecting Ideas, Crafting Solutions"

Our mission is to develop cutting-edge technology solutions that cater to the evolving needs of businesses and individuals.

Our approach is product-oriented, transparent, and driven by data insights, ensuring that every solution is crafted to meet the unique needs and goals of our partners. We are committed to delivering exceptional products and services that are both innovative and accessible. 

Our focus on delivering positive impacts through innovative technology solutions positions us to be a trusted leader in the tech industry.

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