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Startup life is extremely challenging. Developing a new product is often limited by time and budget. We help to make it a little bit easier.  Our highly-skilled team of developers and designers can support you from initial planning all the way through to the release day.  We take care of development for fixed price and time, which minimizes cost and gives better results.

New project

Build the Prototype or MVP (minimum viable product). Test your idea, by developing just enough features to satisfy users on early stages. Collect feedback and  move on to complete feature development and maintenance!


Existing project

Turn existing software, probably written with lack of resources into a reliable and stable product.

Choose The Right Plan

Affordable Pricing

Basket #1

Prototype starting at

$9 900

  • Working model of the product with a core feature
  • Get your product prototype by building the simplest version of the software.
  • A great initial step to vertify the idea,
  • demonstrate the concept to the investors,
  • and make an effective pitch.
  • We can help you to create
  • a test version of the product just in few weeks
  • Best for pre-seed and seed stage startups
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Basket #2

MVP starting at

$14 900

  • Fully working product with basic functionality
  • Turn your idea into reality with cost-effective MVP development.
  • Speed up time to market and attract early adopters
  • A fully-featured,
  • usable version of the product with basic set of functionality
  • Recieve maximum feedback from the users and gather the knowledge to develop a successful product further.
  • Best for pre-seed, seed and A round startups
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Basket #3

Pre-defined product starting at

$19 900

  • Product with extended functionality covering every aspect of the user's needs
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