XHabit Tracker helps you create and maintain positive habits. Detailed charts and statistics help to keep track of your tasks on-the-go and give you a clear picture of how your habits have improved. Productive and user-friendly interface makes keeping track of your habits simple. You’re able to measure your improvement and stay motivated.


Android, iOS


Flutter, Dart




6 months



Project type

MVP version

Business Challenge

Building habits is a challenging process. The goal of our team was to make the app fast, easy to understand and use. People should be able to set specific amounts of time to perform each activity, plan, and structure daily routine, without much burden. Also it was important to make simple tracking progress, as users develop habits for maximum efficiency.



How we helped

We’ve implement features including:

  • Registration / login
  • Add, edit, delete a habit
  • Set name, start and end date, habit reminder time
  • Alerts for each habit at a set time of day (alerts can be turned off for different habits)
  • Calendar from the last 5 days on the home screen and icons that indicate whether the habit has been fulfilled that day (these icons can be clicked directly from this screen)
  • Pie chart for each habit


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  • Duration:MVP in 2 months
  • Tags:flutter, reminders, cross-platform
  • Project Type:Reminder application

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