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Social Maps application

Social maps platform
An app for sharing information about places. Users can upload and share places among different maps, join maps based on their interests, create the right map and invite others to join it, find places created by others, follow them, and get notified about new things available.
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DonckeyChat app
Cross-platform flutter application for voting and group decision-making. Custom development from scratch for MVP version.
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Meest is an international postal and logistics operator for the delivery of all types of items to any point in Ukraine and abroad.
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Flutter application for habit tracking and daily reminders. Custom software development of MVP version and release in markets
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restaurant caffe menu mobile application
Marquis is a platform that helps you to find restaurants nearby and see the menus.
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Tiplr is reimagining the way you travel! A travel platform where a community of smart travelers can discover and share genuine travel tips and recommendations about their trips or as local experts.
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Medication tracker application

Woman's hand pours the medicine pills out of the bottle
DrugStars helps you manage & review your medications. You earn stars as you go, which you can donate to local patient charities helping even more people. Every time you take your meds, you earn DrugStars.
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Senstone application

With Senstone device you no longer have to pull out your phone to take notes. Just capture the things in your daily life that you don’t want to miss. It automatically converts your voice memos into text and organizes them for easy access, especially on the go.
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