About the product

Meest is an international postal and freight delivery service provider which operates in North America, Europe and Asia. Meest mobile applications with 4.8 ratings on app markets and over 1 million installs, allows users to send packages to any location in supported countries. It helps users to make and deliver parcels contactless via postboxes, track them in real-time, receive notification updates, search and filter post offices on map, calculate the cost of shipping and make payments through the app.



Native iOS, Native Android


Swift, Kotlin, Java, Android SDK, Firebase, Google Maps


Xcode, Android Studio, Git, 


8 months for product development and 4 years of ongoing support


Logistics, Postal


over 1 million


Business Challenge

The client already had mobile applications released in the markets. These apps were developed using outdated technologies resulting in poor performance and bad user reviews. The main goal of our team was to create new user-friendly and high-quality mobile applications that would work with their existing systems, databases, and current logistics and business processes.


How we helped

We’ve created modern and convenient postal mobile application that allow users to create parcels and send them contactless via postboxes or a large network of mini-offices throughout Ukraine. The mobile application can easily manage online purchases, send or receive a parcel via the Meest mailbox, and call the Meest courier directly from the app. You can track the parcel in real-time and receive notifications, search and filter post offices, calculate the cost of shipping and make payment through the app.

Updated postal mobile applications have user-friendly UX, good UI, and great user reviews so far. With these applications, the company has managed to attract the attention of new users.


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  • Client:Meest delivery
  • Duration5 years and ongoing
  • Tags:logistics, postal, business, supply chain, mobile
  • Project Type:Logistics and delivery platform

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