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Social Maps application

This is an app for sharing information about places. Users can upload and share places among different maps, join maps based on their interests, create the right map and invite others to join it, find places created by others, follow them, and get notified about new things available.


Android, IOS


Kotlin, Java, Swift, Obj


Android Studio, Xcode, Git


4 years and ongoing

Steps maps


Travel & Maps 

Steps maps


10 000


Business Challenge

Our goal was to assist the customer’s development team to add new features to a platform where users will be able to build and manage maps, invite collaborators, and customize maps based on their needs. So, our developers helped to create a solution where users can also choose the parameters relevant to their community.

How we helped

Together with the customer’s development team, our programmers successfully updated and implemented many new features in existing apps. Thus, thanks to our programmers’ efforts, users can upload new places and share them on different maps.

You can join a lot of maps based on your interests, create your map and invite others to join it. Find interesting places on a map created by other users, follow them, and get notified about new things around you. Also, you can help others by adding updates about interesting locations on your map. 


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  • Duration4 years
  • Tags:social, maps, media, location tracking, augmented team
  • Project Type:Maps and location tracking platform

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