KindlyHand – Crowdfunding platform


Charity Crowdfunding

Platforms: Web, Android, iOS, backend, admin

Technologies: Kotlin, Java, Swift, NextJS, Stripe, Firebase, TomTom, Google Maps

Tools: Figma, Android Studio, Xcode, Git

Main Goal

Creation of a user-friendly crowdfunding platform tailored for Muslim communities.

Develop a robust solution that facilitates seamless charitable giving, community engagement, and project funding, aligning closely with our target audience’s unique values and preferences.

What we’ve done


Business Analysis and discovery

Our team delved into communities ‘ specific needs and challenges through meticulous research, stakeholder interviews, and in-depth market analysis. This groundwork laid the foundation for a purpose-driven charity crowdfunding platform.



Our iterative prototyping sessions were instrumental in visualizing key features early on. This agile approach allowed us to incorporate stakeholder feedback efficiently, ensuring that our crowdfunding platform met and exceeded the expectations of our clients and their target user base.


UI design

The UI design phase focused on creating an intuitive, culturally relevant interface. Collaborating closely with stakeholders, our design team crafted a visually appealing and user-friendly design for the crowdfunding platform.



We welcome close collaboration with our clients, discussing new ideas, finding better approaches, and shaping them into useful features.


Quality Analysis

We are continuously testing user flows across devices, making sure the app works with perfect functionality in every scenario.


Website and mobile applications for the community-centered crowdfunding platform


This impactful solution has proven to be instrumental in fostering charitable endeavors within Muslim communities, contributing significantly to the success of the crowdfunding platform.

From initial discovery to continuous support, our iterative and culturally sensitive approach ensures a successful and impactful solution for our clients and end-users.


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