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Senstone application

With Senstone device you no longer have to pull out your phone to take notes. Just capture the things in your daily life that you don’t want to miss. It automatically converts your voice memos into text and organizes them for easy access, especially on the go.




BLE, Kotlin, Realm, Web sockets, JUnit, Dagger 2


Android studio, Git


3 months


IOT, Media




Business Challenge

Our goal was to implement an android application for Senstone device that seamlessly connects with it via Bluetooth, automatically uploading recorded audio notes and converting it into text using speech recognition.

Main priorities were:

– Clean UI/UX
– Stability
– Performance and battery efficiency

How we helped

Using best practices and methodologies of development, in three months we delivered highly stable and easy to use Android application.
It offers a clean and beautiful design according to Google Material guidelines, intuitive UX. Covering codebase with unit tests guarantees stability and reducing the number of bugs to a minimum.

During the development, we implemented solutions to problems like:

– seamless and battery efficient Bluetooth connect
– simultaneous real-time uploading of audio files to a phone/cloud, the moment you hit the record button
– 100% functional in offline mode
– support of real-time updates for better user experience with multiple devices


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  • Client:Bearsthemes
  • Date:May 14, 2017
  • Tags:photography, agency, creative
  • Project Type:Multipurpose Template

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