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Medication tracker application

The medication tracker application helps you manage & review your medications. You earn stars as you go, which you can donate to local patient charities helping even more people. Every time you take your meds, you earn DrugStars. If you answer a few simple questions about your medication you earn even more DrugStars and all these Stars can easily be converted to cash and donated to a patient charity of your choosing. 




Android SDK, Java, Kotlin, FCM, JUnit, Dagger


Android Studio, Git


10 months




50 000+

Business Challenge

The goal was to provide the UI updates and bugfix stabilization to help the users to have the experience of adding, reviewing, verifying the medication as simple as possible.



How we helped

After analyzing the existing application, our team started to work on stability restoration. We have added key bug fixes and successfully implemented new features such as calendar, quiz, reports, and databases.



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  • Country:Denmark
  • Duration:10 months
  • Tags:healthcare, reminder, medication tracker, mobile
  • Project Type:Medication tracker application

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