A peer-to-peer payment app that ensures transparency in spending.
Help individuals in need worldwide and witness how your contributions are used.


Platforms: Android, IOS

Technologies: Stripe, Kotlin, Java,
Push notifications (FCM), Swift, Obj-C, Rx

Tools: Stripe, Android Studio, Xcode, Git

The Challenge

Create an elegant, user-friendly charity platform that tracks donations transparently. The main objective: Simplify and speed up the donation process for a quick app launch.


Donations Payment App

The Approach

Our team devised a streamlined development process, swiftly delivering an Android version within 3 weeks and subsequently creating an iOS app. This collaborative effort between software engineers and designers resulted in an app that simplifies donor interactions. DonorSee provides a user-friendly dashboard for tracking donation status and has gained popularity as an efficient donation platform. Users appreciate its simplicity, eliminating the hassle of lengthy forms and ensuring a smooth payment process.

What we’ve done


Business Analysis

Analyzing concept and mapping it into market needs, in-depth user study to better understand their needs and motivations.



We welcome close collaboration with our clients, discussing new ideas, finding better approaches, and shaping them into useful features.


Quality Analysis

We are continuously testing user flows across devices, making sure the app works with perfect functionality in every scenario.

The result

In just three weeks, we rolled out the MVP version. As we continued to refine it, we created a robust charity crowdfunding mobile app that’s both stable and user-friendly, reaching a wide audience.

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