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Do you need a Discovery phase?

  • on Dec 09, 2020
According to McKinsey’s research, around 45% of large IT projects run over budget, 7% run over time and 56 percent.
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How to work with IT vendors?

  • on Dec 02, 2020
Significant developments in the IT industry and the growth of the Internet are still rapidly emerging across a wide range.
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Isn’t it enough to know a code?-Skills for a beginner developer

  • on Nov 16, 2020
If you’re going to be an excellently-rounded developer, you need to know something more than just how to code. Software.
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How to create a successful app?

  • on Sep 09, 2020
The world in which we live is spinning around technologies and people who create those amazing things. Every morning, we.
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Trends in mobile apps development

  • on Aug 18, 2020
Today, the demand for mobile apps development can be compared to fashion trends. And it is true! Those who follow.
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KeyToTech Named a Top B2B Company in Ukraine

  • on Aug 04, 2020
At KeyToTech, we believe communication with the customer is the essential element of success. Our company focuses on providing powerful.
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