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We are embracing “remote first” model

3D render of a space background with Earth in nebula sky
Providing our team with an opportunity to work from anywhere has always been one of KeyToTech’s core principles. By practicing remote work most of the time during the last three years, we’ve been able to build effective processes and foster transparency inside the company. Like many businesses, KeyToTech switched to 100% remote mode due to[...]
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Remote mode: how to support your team

Remote work
Twenty years ago the idea of working remotely would sound strange, let alone having a completely remote team. Nowadays, it is not only a common way of organizing work but sometimes even the preferred option. Moreover, working remotely has become the only option now due to the quarantine measures across the world. We’ve already had experience[...]
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How COVID-19 Forces Digital Transformation

Motion speed effect with City Night
Most of the experienced entrepreneurs will agree that the only constant in business is a change.  To be successful businesses shouldn’t be too conservative about transformations and continuous improvements. For the last decade, the forward-looking companies were trying to embrace new technologies in one way or another. So today they are more prepared for a[...]
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