Remote mode: how to support your team

Remote work

Twenty years ago the idea of working remotely would sound strange, let alone having a completely remote team. Nowadays, it is not only a common way of organizing work but sometimes even the preferred option. Moreover, working remotely has become the only option now due to the quarantine measures across the world. 
We’ve already had experience with remote teams, providing our staff with the” working from anywhere benefit”. So we understand the importance of staying connected and maintaining a good atmosphere, even if you are not in the same place. Especially now when everyone is frustrated staying at home for such a long time. Here are a few tips on how to support your remote team during the quarantine. 


Firstly, it is crucial that you communicate with your workers, and not only considering project issues. It is a good idea to establish meaningful connections between workers thanks to meetings in real life. 

As meetings are not an option under current circumstances, you can use video conferencing, host remote coffee meetings from time to time to catch up on how everyone is doing. 

At KeyToTech, we practice sharing photos of our workspace to keep in touch. Our team members like to demonstrate creativity and take photos of their companions: toys, cats, flowers, etc.

Remote work with pets and toys.


If some members of the team are not used to working at home, be supportive, and try to provide them with advice to increase their productivity. 

For example, it is a good idea to have a separate ‘workstation’ at home used only for work. It has to be free from distractions and noise to be able to concentrate.

Studies also show that nature sounds, such as waterfalls or raindrops, activate the part of your brain that is responsible for concentrating. Luckily, there is ample nature sounds playlist on music streaming services. 

Another important thing is minimizing personal intrusions by family members. It can lead to procrastination and lack of focus. Work at home is in no way different from that at the office, except for it is a little bit more comfortable. 

What can you do to increase your remote team’s productivity? First of all, make sure that every worker understands their tasks to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication. Tell them that they are free to contact you if any questions arise. Provide your team with feedback regularly after completing tasks — it helps to progress. Moreover, try not to use too many apps for communicating so the workers don’t feel confused.

A woman is working in the remote mode.

Staying positive

Positive thinking is important at any time, and especially when a lot of countries are on lockdown due to the new coronavirus. Keep communicating with your workers, inform them about current events with the help of reliable sources. Do not forget about funny memes and videos; they always put people in a good mood. Positive thinking does not mean hiding from unpleasant things; it is just a way of approaching them in a more positive way.

Keep learning

There is no limit when it comes to learning and improving your skills. You can search for some relevant online courses and send the links to your remote team. It has become even easier now when a lot of platforms give free access to a lot of courses. For example, Coursera gave access to about four thousand various courses. Here are some more links to free courses. You can discuss all the new information you receive from courses together and share experiences. You can also organize online lectures, webinars. It will help with self-improvement and team spirit.

To sum up

All in all, it is important to stay connected with your team even working remotely. Chatting, giving tips, helping enhance productivity, and learning together will definitely ensure well-being, encouragement, and optimism among colleagues. At the end of the day, these tips may as well help manage not only a remote team but also an in-office one. 

And remember — facing difficulties together with your team, even if it is remote, is way easier.

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