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Must-Visit Conferences in September

  • on Sep 03, 2018
More than 53,000 conferences, meetings, and networks are held every year in Europe. The presence of numerous technical conferences allows.
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5 Ways to Kill Your Startup

  • on Aug 10, 2018
Out of all the startups launched, only 8% survive. Startup Genome Report says that more than half of startups are.
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3 Tips For Naming Your Startup

  • on Jul 26, 2018
Every business starts with a name. Usually, most of the entrepreneurs are struggling with the choice of a suitable, clear.
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Work SMART, get LEAN!

  • on Jul 18, 2018
Lean software development is a disciplined agile practice for optimization of value stream within the application and software development domain..
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Can We Have More Bugs, Please?

  • on Jun 15, 2018
How to make a stable product that works well for all clients on all devices? One of the key answers.
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Project Lifecycle in KeyToTech

  • on Apr 24, 2018
In KeyToTech we have a defined, well-formed project development methodology to cover all aspects of building a product from scratch..
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