Must-Visit Conferences in September

More than 53,000 conferences, meetings, and networks are held every year in Europe. The presence of numerous technical conferences allows you to seek creative inspiration outside the country, acquire new contacts and share experiences.

So, let’s see where and when it is worth going and what kind of activities is useful to visit in September.

Oslo Innovation Week

    • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Date: September 24-28th

Oslo Innovation Week is an important platform for meetings and discussing the prospects for the development of new technologies. During OIW there are usually numerous business meetings, workshops, talks, pitching, conferences on innovation and afterwork parties.

The theme of this year’s conference centres around startups that are making a difference, a highlight being on companies that are addressing the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Social Media Week London

    • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Date: September 13-16

Social Media Week London is one of the most global events on the development of social networks, where the leading experts of Europe usually identify the main trends in all social media platforms, including such giants as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.


    • Location: Munich, Germany
  • Date: September 30th – October 2nd

Three-day festival in Munich that connects and attracts the most successful founders,  investors, startup enthusiasts, and all other decision-makers of the startup ecosystem will meet. The festival is full of A-list attendees so this is a perfect opportunity to listen to the stories of success.

DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival 

    • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Date: September

DLD is a week-long festival that includes not only a smart cities conference (great for IoT startups) but also a makers’ zone, pitching comp, CEO’s available for questions and loads of opportunities for networking.

Within seven days about 100 events are being held: receptions, lunches, meetings. Many companies organize their own events. Most of them do not require additional payment and are intended to increase the opportunities for start-up of the community, as well as meetings and interaction of a large number of visitors from abroad to acquaint and develop business relationships with investors and strategic partners in the most comfortable way.

If you want to understand the mystery of Israeli innovations, or find the right investment project – the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival for you. The festival is held with the assistance of the Tel Aviv City Hall.


    • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Date: September

SaaStock is a gathering of global SaaS companies (Founders, Executives & Investors) in Europe, enabling the community to learn from the SaaS trail-blazers and from one another. SaaStock 2017 will be the biggest conference in Europe for global SaaS companies of all stages to meet and network. If you want to build your sales pipeline, build B2B Saas empires and meet with SaaS investors, then SaaStock is the place to be.

Don’t miss a chance to gain investors’ attention to your project, advertise it properly, reach first users or simply build trust and authority in the industry you’re in. These are the goals that you should pursue while visiting conferences.

Next month we will share a new must-visit list with you!

Good luck!

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