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Opengamer (Online magazine)


Android, IOS


Kotlin, Java, Rx, Push notifications (FCM)


Android Studio, Git


3 mounths




10 000+

Business Challenge

The client has a website with a good web presence. The main objective was to replicate the same success in the mobile app via an Android application that would provide all the features of the website on a mobile device.

So our goal was to create an elegant solution to make application handy and provide users with an opportunity to keep a finger on the pulse of the game industry easily.

How we helped

Considering the project objective, we delivered easy to use mobile app that offers flawless experience to the users. As a truly dynamic news app, we engineered for a smooth addition of modules with zero to the minimal effort—making it easy for users to get real-time news updates.

After thoroughly going through all the requirements, we developed an app with clean material design and smooth and user-friendly functionality in just 2 months. Besides, we still provide the customer with ongoing support (2 years).

Due to the joint efforts of the software engineers and designers, the developed app made it easy for game-lovers to search and view all the recent updates.

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  • Client:Open Gamer
  • Tags:online magazine, games
  • Project Type:mobile app

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