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Mobile App Development for Crowdfunding: Exploring the Latest Trends and Opportunities

Mobile App Development for Crowdfunding: Exploring the Latest Trends and Opportunities
The rapid evolution of the crowdfunding scene is primarily due to the widespread influence of mobile apps. With the growing popularity of mobile platforms for fundraising campaigns, developers are working hard to find new ways to improve the effectiveness, user experience, and security of crowdfunding apps. Trend #1: Gamification and Social Integration  Gamification components are being added to contemporary[...]
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Keytotech is Clutch’s Global Winner and Champion 2023

Keytotech’s Milestone Achievement. Clutch’s Global Winner and Champion 2023 We at Keytotech are thrilled to share a significant milestone in our journey of innovation and customer service. The 2023 Clutch Global Winners and 2023 Clutch Champion Winners awards honour us, placing us in the top 10% of companies on Awards’ Significance. More Than Just[...]
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Why do startups need an MVP?

Launching a new product or service is not only quite difficult but also very risky. You can never be 100% sure it will become successful. That’s why it’s crucial to validate your idea before investing a significant amount of time and money. Let’s take a look at how creating an MVP can help you with[...]
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In-house vs Outsourcing: What to choose?

In-house vs Outsourcing
Many businesses, whether its a startup developing new app or company implementing a digital transformation, are facing the important question – to hire in-house or outsource?  Of course, each of these solutions has its pros and cons. There are famous companies like Amazon or PayPal – that prefer an in-house approach to software development. Others[...]
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How To Write A Good Project Brief For Application Development?

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The project brief serves as a starting point for any application development. It helps software development companies understand the client’s goals and general requirements and propose the best solution. The more detailed your brief is, the higher your chance of getting an accurate quote and achieving a better outcome. Working with different types of businesses,[...]
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Must-Visit Conferences in September

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More than 53,000 conferences, meetings, and networks are held every year in Europe. The presence of numerous technical conferences allows you to seek creative inspiration outside the country, acquire new contacts and share experiences. So, let’s see where and when it is worth going and what kind of activities is useful to visit in September.[...]
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5 Ways to Kill Your Startup

Out of all the startups launched, only 8% survive. Startup Genome Report says that more than half of startups are closed because the resource usage is predicted incorrectly. The success of your startup depends on whether you are capable of avoiding a large number of errors, common for many young businesses. Having an overview of[...]
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3 Tips For Naming Your Startup

Every business starts with a name. Usually, most of the entrepreneurs are struggling with the choice of a suitable, clear and catchy name that can contribute to the success of the business. And even if you come up with such a name, the first search on the Internet can easily knock you down from that[...]
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