What to Consider when Choosing an Outsourcing Software Development Company?

Choosing the right outsourcing software development partner can be difficult.  When you start doing research on IT companies you may find yourself a little confused with the wide range of services, technologies, and the price they offer.  It easy to get lost in the amount of information, and make the selecting process even more tiresome. That’s why having clear criteria will help you to focus on your goals and avoid the risk of researching.

Asking your friends if they can recommend any outsourcing company is a good thing to start with. You can also use your Linkedin network and check the lists of verified IT companies on services like GoodFirms, Appfutura, Clutch, ThinkMobile etc. Online staffing platforms such as Upwork have a wide range of companies too.

Once you’ve found some companies that you’re considering to work with start comprehensive evaluation and analysis.

In this article, we will cover some core aspects to consider when selecting an outsourcing software development partner.


Effective communication is very important, especially at the negotiation stage. Make sure your potential vendor is on the same page with you and clearly understands your business needs.  

The cultural fit, so does business culture and English proficiency should be considered to avoid misunderstandings which eventually cause delays in product delivery. When your outsourcing partners business ethics is close to yours, it much easier to build a long-lasting relationship.  

Pay attention to continuous communication, transparency, and suggestions related to your project as it shows real care from the provider’s side.


If you want to develop an application for a special industry such as IOT, travel, or healthcare, find out whether the company has already worked on similar projects.  Even if the industries are different, projects may require pretty similar functionality. For instance map integrations, push notifications, payment, etc. Look at the portfolio in detail and do not hesitate to ask what does the process of application development look like.

Ask about the experience of working with big enterprises and startups. What kind of approach did they use for different stages of their software development? For example, when KeyToTech works with small startups, we often recommend our special startup options, taking into account challenges newborn companies are facing.

When people are looking for a dental clinic first what they do, is browse through reviews. Same is for software development companies. Take a look at third-party websites or request some references from their previous clients. You can also ask for CVs of your potential team and code samples if it is possible.

Technical skills

Before you start developing it’s important to make sure that your vendor is familiar with the required technology and can provide you with the specialists of certain seniority level (senior, middle or junior).

If you have not chosen a technology stack yet, consult with the software development company on the most suitable technologies for your project.

Tech world is moving fast. So IT companies are trying to diversify their expertise and adapt to new trends as soon as possible. However, it is better to be aware of what technologies they are mainly specialized in.


Of course, the price is not the last point when choosing a service provider, but it definitely should not be the first. Well, we all know that it’s a bad idea to choose the cheapest offer because in the result you may end up spending way more.  To avoid paying a fortune clearly define the scope of work and your final goals. Discuss with a vendor the most cost-efficient engagement model for your project. Get a detailed estimate and ask which additional services this price includes.

Company size

This is at the same time simple and interesting criteria.  Small companies may not have enough employees to handle large projects. It is harder for them to scale your development team if needed. Big giants, in turn, may ignore the specific needs of startups and remain just a services provider rather than a dedicated partner.

So try to choose a software development company that is similar in size to yours.

Relatively young companies can surprise you with a high-quality approach to development and communication. They are struggling to meet the client’s expectation and do their best to achieve positive results.


When working with overseas outsourcing software development providers, a convenient location is a big plus.  Over the past decade, Eastern European countries such as Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria etc. become the talent pool for many Western companies.

For instance, KeyToTech head office is located in Lviv, which is approximately 3 hours flight from the main European business centers such as Amsterdam and Berlin. Learn more about the benefits of having IT outsourcing partner from Ukraine

To conclude

A comprehensive approach is a key to success when choosing the right outsourcing company. Put the small pieces together and you’ll get an overview of your potential software development vendors. This will give you confidence in your decision.
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