Our Work Process

We’re working using modern methodologies including Scrum and Agile. We always provide our clients with the estimates and keep updated on the work progress.

From the first day we start and to the release day.

We want to make sure our clients get the product they expect, so every stage of our work process is planned out using modern methodologies.

Stage 1: Communication

You have an idea – we have a vision how to implement it.

It’s crucial for us to have a full understanding of your needs as a client to be able to come with the vision of how your project can be developed. A Team Leader of our team will make sure that there are no communication gaps between both sides so the right estimates can be presented to you.

Stage 2: Planning

After having created a vision that satisfies you, we’re ready to make estimates on the duration and the cost of the project. This also includes building a prototype and working on a design and user experience model (?) of the project.

Stage 3: Implementation

That’s where the real work begins. As was mentioned previously, our developers are skilled and have experience in very different kind of projects, so they will make sure your project is built correctly from the architectural point of view and includes all the desirable features. We’ll be communicating with you through the whole time, so if you come up with an idea of a new feature or a new change – we’ll be able to implement it right away.

Agile methods and scrum management approach allow us to be flexible and keep you updated on the work progress of a development cycle, which we call “a sprint”.

Stage 4: Bug fixing

Bugs are inevitable in any kind of project, but that’s why we have QA specialists, don’t we? No worries about this part, we won’t let any bug stay in the system!

After having created the “base”, we test all the functionality and make necessary modifications to the project. At this point, we are able to demonstrate you the working prototype and make modifications if needed.

Stage 5: Product release

Now that your project is ready it’s time to share it with the rest of the World. We are as excited about this day as you are! Application release is made to either App Store or Play Market, whereas other kinds of projects may need other platforms. You can always check our previous releases under portfolio section.

Stage 6 (optional): Future support

It’s best to have same programming specialists writing and supporting the code. We’re more than happy to continue working with our client after the release and make their products even more competitive and implement changes in its functionality as their needs change.


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