Best habit trackers

What are habits and why do you need habit trackers?

In general, habits are small actions performed by you every day. Basically, your life consists of your habits, small or big, bad or good. Supposing you want to develop a new habit, you may wonder how to succeed in it. We have an answer to this question. A habit tracker is an effective way to keep track of your progress and to stick to a habit for good.

What are habit trackers?

If you are creative and love doing something yourself, make your own habit tracker. It may be a hand-made calendar or a notebook bought in a supermarket. The most important thing here is that habit trackers are a place where you can keep the information about all of your habits. Eventually, they will become proof of your success. On the other hand, creating a notebook or calendar may turn out to be very time-consuming. If you want to make things easier and have all the information with you, consider downloading an app for habit tracking. Here are a few habit trackers we at KeyToTech find interesting:

1. Streaks

Habit tracker: Streak

Streaks is available for iOS so far. You can use it in over twenty languages. The interface of the app is minimalistic but looks very cool. All your habits have cute icons. You can set tasks either for every day or for specific days. If you haven’t checked your task for a long time, the app will definitely find a way to keep you motivated and get you back on track.

2. HabitShare

Habit tracker: HabitShare

HabitShare is created for people who like communicating on the Internet. This habit tracker connects you with friends so you can keep each other motivated, and this is what makes it special amongst other habit trackers. If you want, you can keep your habits only for yourself or share them with friends. It is available for users of both iOS and Android.

3. Beeminder


Beeminder will literally make you pay if you forget about your habits. Simply keeping track is not enough for some people to stay motivated. If this is about you, opt for this app. It will charge you every time you fail to complete your task. Of course, this way is not for everyone. But those for whom money is the best motivation can get Beeminder for both Android and iOS.

4. HabitHub


HabitHub is a habit tracker just for Android users for now; the iOS version is coming soon. What is special about this one? Your habits are arranged in chains so the motivation here is not to break the chain and keep it growing. Moreover, you can motivate yourself by setting rewards that unlock only when the task is completed. You are also able to organize your habits into different categories. What is more, you can put your progress to the home screen with the help of widgets.

5. XHabit

Habit tracker: XHabit

Our team helped to develop a great habit tracker, XHabit. XHabit will help you develop new habits and maintain them. You will find different charts, lots of statistics, and other kinds of information you need to keep track of your progress. With its user-friendly interface, tracking your new habits is simple and fun. The app is available for users of iOS and Android. More information about this project here.

To sum up

It’s high time you developed a new habit that will make your life even better. We hope one of the apps listed above will help you do it. Just choose the habit tracker you think fits you the most and start forming a habit. As John Irving said, good habits are worth being fanatical about.


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