How to create a successful app?

The world in which we live is spinning around technologies and people who create those amazing things. Every morning, we start our day not with a cup of coffee, but with our smartphone app starting from the alarm clock, finishing with plans for the day, or ordering something. Without this all-in-one phone, it’s hardly impossible to imagine our life.

RescueTime researched that one of the iOS and Android applications designed to track phone use, people usually spend an average of three hours and 15 minutes on their phones every day, with the top 20 % of mobile users spending more than four and a half hours. Smartphones and applications take a lot of our time which some of us use effectively with learning apps or just for fun to play games and relax. Nevertheless, 90% of mobile time is spent on apps. 

Smartphone owners use 9 apps a day and 30 apps monthly. The biggest issue is that mobile app markets are overfilled with successful apps and others that we don’t even know about. The Apple App Store counts 2.2 million apps and  2.8 million apps available on the Google Play Store. Also, easy access to technologies makes customers’ attention limited to what they prefer. Typically you need more time to promote the product than to develop it.

To create a successful app, you need to follow a structured method. Interested in how to make a good app, amid a lot of industry pitfalls? We prepared some tips which may help in creating your project.

Tips for a successful app development

Successful apps have three aspects in common: the market, the user, the product. They need to work together to give customers good value, high usability, and nice performance. Accessibility is also one of the main functions of a good mobile app.

So, how can an app become successful?

Visualize your goals and idea

Visualize your goals for your successful app

Until you move forward with your app concept, you should first understand your goals. For example, whether your app is a hobby project or a social experiment, it’s better to start understanding the basics of coding and user experience-driven design. Or if you’re going to set up a legitimate technology business or transform an established business to a mobile app, that’s a good idea to explore a partnership with a qualified development partner.

A smart idea for a product solves the main issues your target users may have. The app should be significant for users so that they are inspired enough to install and then use it. Most popular apps generally help users focus on saving time, reduce effort, add accessibility, or connect people. A great product must be either entertaining or helpful.  Moreover, it’s easier if you solve more than one problem with your app. The most popular of them do.

Define your app audience

Define your app audience

It’s important to narrow down and identify the target audience before you develop your app and introduce strategies to promote it. Profoundly examine the business, profession, employment, sex, age, and position of your target users. Find common themes or trends that bind your targeted customers to each other.

Successful applications work for the target users. Hence it is useful to research, gage, and obtain tentative feedback on your product. Using these observations as a guideline to decide what your app will do and how it should function.

Choose a business model

Choose a business model

Applications development may take a great deal of time and money. Development costs are generally based on the number of characteristics, functionalities, and criteria for compatibility specified within the project scope.

Companies worldwide mainly choose the business model of apps monetization. Apps can bring profit from several monetization methods. For instance, monthly subscriptions, single purchase payments, bonuses, affiliate links, ads, or approaches focused on donation.

There are also other business models, with their advantages and disadvantages. It’s vital, to begin with, an analysis of what your competitors are doing to select the one that meets your needs. Not every good mobile app needs to bring a profit. There are types of applications that have various advantages, such as enterprise-use software.

Find a Developer or Software Development company

Find a developer to create an app

Finding a developer or company is an essential phase for people trying to set up a new tech startup or turn an existing business into an app.

Software developers good at their job will provide you with a free consultation that is secured by a non-disclosure agreement. A non-disclosure agreement simply means your data is legally secured from infringement and encourages you to share your concept openly.

It will allow you to execute your concept quickly, integrate features, and identify marketing strategy before you eventually step forward and create your product. Furthermore, you’ll get an estimated cost for creating your project.

Crete user-friendly design

Crete user-friendly design for an app

Some apps have multiple opponents, and often the user-friendly design of a specific app is sufficient to outstrip the competition. Well, making loads of effort in developing your app designs, particularly if you’re a first-time user experience designer, is perfectly normal.

Users choose an easy but functional UX and UI on the apps. For instance, the data user consumes in the app is not obstructed by a simple UI. When using the app, a snappy UI adds a nice feeling but note that intuitive UX is key to simplicity.

The well-designed UX and UI provide several other advantages. Another well-considered method of registration results leads to improved user retention and higher download statistics. The same is true of well-planned onboarding. Consumers will stay with your app until it’s easy and clear and potentially will recommend it.

Lots of small and nuanced design decisions will take considerable time to create. The process of design never really ends. It is a constant iteration process focusing on customer reviews and insights, or also in keeping up with the recent trends and standards.

Choose technology

Choose technology for creating an app

The software development process aims to write and maintain the source code, however, in a wider sense, it involves everything from the design of the software to the final manifestation of the software, often in a planned and organized process. Development is geared towards making an app working, safe, stable, and reactive.

Considering the decision to create an app on your own or collaborate with a development company like us, the process would also be different. The software development partner will be responsible for handling the full programming and coding process. Every company has a different preferred method of work.

We use an agile framework for development. Agile production is usually divided into a set of phases known as sprints. Typically each sprint lasts 4 weeks and aims to develop a specific set of features.

The method an app is designed influences its performance almost as much as the way it operates. You need to select the right technologies to create a successful application. You can choose from three principal choices:

Native App

Native apps usually cost the most to make, since they offer the best of the best. All native apps are quicker and easier to run. Native apps are designed for iOS or Android. The programming language used to build apps is only supported by the operating systems in those platforms.

Cross-Platform App

React Native and Flutter are popular solutions to code native cross-platform applications. Although you sacrifice a few of the native benefits, if you have a shoestring budget, this is the most cost-effective solution of developing an app configured and styled for more than one device form.

To sum up

Apps are no longer novelty ventures and are real tech giants generating and raising billions of dollars. Developing a successful app is no longer merely a chance for a small group of experienced engineers. In reality, the demand for mobile and web apps is being taken over by designers, businessmen, and entrepreneurs. With a brilliant idea but no experience in software development, you will simply find a company that will create a world-class app for you.

You may not be sure if you want to develop your idea for the app. Or, perhaps you need only a piece of advice. We help clients who are willing to create their app projects. You can send us an email to find out more about our company. Good luck with the app development journey!

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