Trends in mobile apps development

Today, the demand for mobile apps development can be compared to fashion trends. And it is true! Those who follow the crowd and want a positive future for their own business understand: mobile traffic must be caught as quickly as possible. That is why the next order for an Android or iOS application is not so much technical as a marketing trick, and its implementation is an investment in future sales.


According to estimates, consumers spend up to 86% of their time using mobile devices. Smartphone apps help us to make more than 50% of purchases and regular payments, and this figure is rising every year. For this reason, many people prefer mobile applications rather than online services. Changes in customer thinking drive the rapid growth of the mobile apps development industry. 

Trends on apps market

What are the latest trendy apps? It completely satisfies the needs of the target market and communicates directly with the prospective customer in a pleasant environment. Generally, there are 5 of the most common trends in mobile apps development on the market:

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality ( AR) is an immersive simulation of a real-environment where computer-generated perceptual details augment things that exist in the real world, often through various sensory modes. Market Research Future suggested that the global demand for Mobile Augmented Reality Applications is expected to rise to 70 billion by 2023.

Houzz, IKEA Place, Google Translate, YouCam Makeup are excellent examples of Augmented reality in industry and game applications.


Augumented reality trends in apps development.

A perfect app for home products and furniture vendors, Houzz is one of the best AR applications for interiors and design. Mainly a home renovation app, Houzz has e-commerce features that enable users to find and purchase in-app items. The “View in My Room” function offers AR technology to position items in a photo of the customer’s home – using 3D imaging, so the finished result is accurate to life. It also demonstrates how the thing looks in various lighting.

IKEA Place

IKEA Place app

The second most popular download-based free app developed on Apple’s ARKit is IKEA Place. The app ranks ahead of other gaming apps, which is remarkable, considering that the most successful AR apps on ARKit are mostly for playing games rather than solving problems. Besides, IKEA Place is still the most popular non-gaming app.

Healthcare and Telemedicine

As a rapid increase in new case scenarios threatens to overload healthcare, many countries are looking for new automatized options. Telemedicine has been a moving healthcare spirit during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, if you’re coughing and sneezing, you don’t need to reorganize your timetable or see your doctor. Your doctor will view your medical files, speak by video chat, make diagnoses, and monitor your conditions online.

Telemedicine has the power to make healthcare more convenient and functional. There are hundreds of useful telemedicine applications right now. But, if you are dealing with healthcare, it’s time to review it and come up with fresh ideas for mobile devices. Here are some top mobile healthcare applications you should be aware of:


Healthcare trends in apps development.

If you’re sick of sitting for long periods to get an appointment, it means you need ZocDoc.  The MTI College and the Becker Hospital Review endorse this app. ZocDoc reduces the difficulty of making an appointment with a specialist by offering a secure online booking function.


Medisafe app

The Medisafe app sends notifications to your smartphone at the precise time that you need to take your drugs. The app acts like a “true pillbox.” Users who tried Medisafe have noticed tremendous health benefits as it helps to take medicine on time just as prescribed.

Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual Reality is not just about entertainment. A range of areas like education, healthcare, marketing, media, tourism, real estate, commerce, and transportation utilize VR. For instance, it allows people to overcome the fear of audiences, heights, or speaking skills because they can exercise in a comfortable virtual world.

If you’re searching for inspiration for new applications to develop, we’ve put together a couple of the best VR apps on the market.

Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions app

Sometimes desirable adventures can be expensive and dangerous. Instead of flying out to Everest and standing in line behind a cavalcade of wealthy tourists using sherpas to carry them up the mountain in search of a selfie, why not consider a journey to the Google Expeditions app? Expeditions provide VR tours of recognizable landmarks such as Mount Everest or Teotihuacan, as well as informative trips with such issues as the recycling industry or human skin anatomy. The 360-degree images used are very accurate.


VirtualSpeech app

VirtualSpeech can assist you in developing your public speaking skills — the app brings you on a virtual stage with a virtual audience, where you can practice your speech or presentation in front of a crowd that imitates the body language and sounds of real people. Their gestures and sounds are entirely adjustable, so you can turn up distractions and virtual judgment as much as you want. The app also will analyze and record your verbal and non-verbal language after your speech.

On-Demand Applications

These applications are the best helpers during the COVID-19 when many of us have to stay home. Would you need medication? There’s a large number of apps available for that. Don’t want to cook, huh? Just order a pizza and relax. Useful Android and IOS application ideas will emerge while you’re in a rush to do something.

On-demand is a mediator between the customer and the provider, allowing them to use their mobile services. Uber, Zomato are examples of such applications.


On-demand trends in apps development.

The most popular on-demand application in the world is Uber. It is highly popular for tourists and commuters. It’s pocket-friendly, original, quick, and useful. The app works all over the world, and you can quickly get home even if you’re in another country. Reasonably constant pricing in comparison with other offers makes the application more convenient, and with the number of drivers provided, you should have no trouble with a regular ride.


Zomato app

Zomato is a popular online restaurant search and application. This software is available in about 25 countries worldwide. Zomato has a unique feature that combines small and large restaurants on a single platform powered by the GPS network. This app offers ratings of restaurants, exclusive offers, and discounts. It provides a user-friendly platform for customers to rate, review, share, and check for the preferred or closest restaurant.

To sum up

It seems essential to know which trends in mobile apps development work for a mobile platform in a given industry or company to try and make every attempt to succeed. Anyway, if you’re talking about creating an app, you’ll need a mobile solution that can be applied by a reputable software development company with functional project status and portfolio. 

Our company’s specialists will assist you with pleasure and answer any questions you might have. It also applies to consultations on your project concerning the timing of its development and pricing details.

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